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Digital Inserts is proud to introduce a brand new and exclusive method of sewing complex patterns into seat insert material. For those who demand exceptional quality, individuality and choice, Digital Inserts has developed a system that is not only cost effective but also unique to Australia.

Car interior customisations enhance a vehicle’s feel, appeal and value. Liven up dull plain leather, vinyl and cloth with ease. With the ability to sew repeatable patterns exactly the same, every time, what may normally be a time consuming complex task for a motor trimmer or upholsterer, can now be achieved with ease.

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About Us

Digital Inserts was founded by Chris Anscombe, a motor trimmer, car enthusiast and owner of Evans Trim Shop in Toowoomba Queensland.

Inspired by the amazingly complex patterns Chris had observed companies in Europe produce, including Aston Martin and Mansory, he was committed to supplying this same automotive upholstery interior customisation and sewn patterns via his motor trimming business.

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Contact Us

Digital Inserts offer our services direct to suppliers, not the general public, so please contact your local motor trimmer for all enquiries and to discuss the best way to use a digital insert in within your interior.

Based in Queensland, Australia​
07 4632 7499