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As one of the earliest to adapt CNC sewing for use to the aftermarket, Digital Inserts has the experience, equipment and reputation for quality and customer service that is second to none.

Digital Inserts is unique in that every step of the process is performed in-house in Toowoomba, Queensland. From Concept, design, digitisation to producing the final product, it is all done here. This allows more control over quality and allows for a fast turn-around.

Since 2016, Digital Inserts has been supplying CNC sewn panels locally, nationally and internationally.

Digital Inserts has also designed and supplied SEW files and training to other CNC sewing suppliers.

CNC Sewing and perforation allows endless variety for inserts materials. With the ability to sew repeatable patterns exactly the same, every time, what may normally be a time-consuming complex task for a motor trimmer or upholsterer, can now be achieved with ease.

The ever-expanding range of patterns and the ability to design one-off custom sewing/perforation, offers you virtually endless variations, with the ability to sew or perforate onto a wide variety of materials, colours, thread colours and foam thickness and grade.

We have a range of Coats Dabond threads in stock or supply your own size 20 thread. These are perfect for Car Seat inserts, door trims or even your bar stools, work chairs or whatever your imagination extends to.

Digital Inserts creates customisations your way! Complex repeatable patterns sewn with speed, precision and flair. With an ever-expanding range of designs including the option to tailor a pattern to suit your individual needs, versatility is at your fingertips.

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About Us

Digital Inserts was founded by Chris Anscombe, a motor trimmer, car and bike enthusiast and owner of Evans Trim Shop in Toowoomba, Queensland since 2003. Inspired by the amazingly complex patterns Chris had observed Automotive companies like, Aston Martin and Mansory supply in their luxury vehicles. Chris attempted to source CNC sewing and finding no-one offering this service, he was committed to supplying sewn patterns via his motor trimming business.

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