About Us

Digital Inserts was founded by Chris Anscombe, a motor trimmer, car and bike enthusiast and owner of Evans Trim Shop in Toowoomba, Queensland since 2003. Inspired by the amazingly complex patterns Chris had observed Automotive companies like, Aston Martin and Mansory supply in their luxury vehicles. Chris attempted to source CNC sewing and finding no-one offering this service, he was committed to supplying sewn patterns via his motor trimming business.

With no-one offering this service and no cost-effective machines available to produce the required result, a Pattern Tacker for sewing airbags was modified and processes were developed to translate 2D CAD designs to complex sewing files, this older machine was very soon pushed past it’s limits and has now been replaced by a new machine that has been designed specifically for this purpose with larger sizing and the ability to perforate as well. Although, the old pattern tacker does still get used regularly for some of the original patterns.

This market has grown exponentially and though there are many companies now supplying CNC sewing, Digital Inserts have been at the forefront of this industry since 2016, and is still proudly Australian.

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