Why do I want to use Digital Inserts?

As the owner of a Motor Trimming business, I have noticed a distinct shortage of patterned insert materials and materials that "age" well. Sewing top sewn pleats, diamond pleats etc. opens up choices of materials, colours and thread colours, but can be time consuming and a little boring. With the popularity of the very complex "Aston Martin, Mansory etc." style patterns, I was looking for a cost effective way (and quite frankly, some of these patterns would be next to impossible to sew) to supply my customers with some more options when it came time to discuss their interior. My investment of time and money has provided this option. I realised early on,that it was going to be too large an investment to be viable for just my use, so the plan was to provide this service for other tradesmen. This is why I have spent so much time designing a large variety of patterns.

None of your patterns are quite what I'm after, can I supply my own?

I design the patterns from scratch, so I can use ideas you supply. Due to the way the machine sews, patterns do have to be designed to sew a certain way, this may present difficulties with certain concepts. But I am willing to give anything a go and push it to it's limits. Charges may apply for time to design patterns, if it is an idea I am already working on or something that I will be able to use regularly those charges will be waived.

Can you scan and copy a pattern and then stitch that pattern onto vinyl supplied by me?

No,we can't scan and copy, all our designs are from scratch.I could design something similar but, keep in mind I can only sew an area up to 400x600 mm

Where do I send my material?

Digital Inserts
C/- Evans Trim Shop
18 Mann Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350

What are the sizes you can sew? Why is this?

Sew size is 600x400mm maximum. Panel size is 740x510mm only. I have found through experimentation, that larger sizes than this won't allow the complexity of some of our patterns to work with foam backings, the material has too much shrinkage over a large area that causes everything to pull out of shape. I am in the process of working ways to sew larger areas, but it will mean purchasing a larger machine and none of the very complex patterns in larger sizes.

What materials can you sew?

Any material that can be sewn in an industrial sewing machine and cut to 740mm x 510mm, leather, cloth, vinyl canvas even some carpets. If in doubt, please ask.

What size and type of backing can I use?

I have sewn to leather with no backing at all and velours and cloth with just their bonded scrim, Headliner velour works well as a backing (glued back to back with material). Any scrim foam up to 12mm. Other seating type foams (black, pink, green etc. up to 9mm). Some patterns work better with specific foams, it's always best to talk to me about what results you are after and I can advise you on the best option. I like to use a light calico or polyester backing to help the top thread pull down more as well.

Can you match my thread?

I do have a range of threads in stock, but unfortunately I don't have them all. I have found the Coats Dabond thread the easiest to use and it is a nice quality thread. I have some Polyfil, Serafil and Durafix threads as well. Please contact me first and if I can't source the thread you require, you can always send your thread and I can return it with the finished product. (V138/Size 20 threads)

Can you sew with braided threads, like Serabraid?

Not yet, we are working on this problem with a sewing thread/needle specialist and hopefully will have a solution soon.

Do I have to supply all the materials?

No, but we do put a small margin on the material we supply and have to charge the time to cut and glue to size. This has to be compared to the freight cost to send your material to us. You may also have access to a better range and or pricing than I do, especially if you are an international customer.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, I do. I use the best quality materials available and if you have any problems, contact me and I will sort it out. Having owned Evans Trim Shop since 2003, I believe a satisfied customer is the best form of advertising available. I am open to feedback and willing to work out any issues at all.

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