CNC Sewing Services

Digital Inserts design, digitize and sew or perforate patterns onto vinyl, leather or cloth for use in Motor Trimming or Upholstery. Read on for more information.

(I do have the capability to both, sew and perforate on the same panel, but I am still working on the process and I am not 100% happy with the results so far.)

SEW ONLY: Must be glued to foam
600mm x 400mm (maximum sew size) patterns into 740mm x 510mm (actual material size) material.
SEW OR PERFORATE: Does not have to be glued to foam
600mm x 400mm (maximum sew size) patterns into 770mm x 560mm material.
900mm x 600mm patterns into 1070mm x 760mm material.
SEW: 1195mm x 800mm patterns into 1340mm x 960mm material.
PERFORATE: 1175mm x 800mm into 1340mm x 960mm material.

New designs are being added all the time. And I usually add patterns we are working on or have finished on Facebook. This is the best way to keep up to date.

I can supply materials and labour to cut and glue. And then send the complete finished product (pricing will depend on materials used) If I am supplying leather, suede or vinyl or if I have to cut and sew your material to foam it will be more, depending on material used and time required. I keep Novatex 3mm, 6mm and 10mm Pink sew foam in stock. As well as 6mm and 12mm Grey.

THREADS: Due to the limitations of my machines, bonded polyester threads are my preference. I have found Dabond to be a great all-round product. We can use other threads, but they tend to unravel and can make the job more difficult, which can affect quality.

I have a good selection of Coats Dabond v138/Size 20 in stock, and some Serabond and A&E threads, I do not mind sourcing more threads, but it may mean a delay whilst I order it in. Alternatively, I can use your thread.

Coates Dabond (Sewing Machines Australia, Daleys, Nolans, Sewing Thread Specialists)
Coates Dabond 2000 (Sewing Machines Australia, Daleys, Nolans, Sewing Thread Specialists)
A & E Anefil Bonded Polyester (PASKAL)
Serabond (Shann)
Superior Threads Bonded Polyester ( (02) 4337 3737)
Sunguard PTFE
Tenara PTFE (Shann)
Solarfix PTFE (Nolans)

MATERIALS: We can sew any vinyl, leather, or cloth with up to 12mm scrim foam or up to 12mm seating foam with a thin calico or polyester backing for a real defined look (the firmer the foam, the thinner it will need to be). Some foam types can increase the difficulty of sewing and therefore it may affect the quality of the sew. The thicker the foam and more complex the pattern, the more likely the pattern will skew and the pattern size will shrink.

Let me know what material you are using, which pattern you would like and what you are using it for and I can advise which foam will work best. Some patterns only work on thinner foam and smaller sizes due to shrinkage issues.

Some materials may require a layer of calico glued as reinforcement, particularly stretchy material. Some of the softer leathers can have movement between the top and lower layers that can show as small irregularities when being sewn on more complex patterns.

I have not resized all my patterns for the larger (900x600 and 1195x800) sizes, I will resize or design new patterns upon request. I have a good range of perforation patterns ready to go, but can design on demand. The smaller machine is still operational and is great for the 600 x 400 (sewing only).  For the most up to date info please check out our page on facebook.

Sizes of material: Specific size panels are required to fit my clamping systems. You can cut your material down closer to the size you need, but it must be sewn to another material to meet the requirement and then centralized on the sew foam. If you do this please allow extra for some shrinkage, movement, and inaccuracy in the mounting frame. (As per photo).

(This panel overall, is 740mm x 510mm. The sew area is 600mm x 400mm and the leather is 300mmx300mm. Sewn and glued to calico and 6mm cerex.)

Working area and Material Sizes for the large machine!

Send your materials with your details, pattern number (the more info, the better) and thread choice to:

Digital Inserts
C/- Evans Trim Shop
18 Mann Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350